[en] KnowingMe&KnowingHim - My influences for art/life

March 7, 2014
This post is a optional exercise for a Art History course by CalArts (via coursera.com), but for me it is a pleasure!
So... Here is the top 10 (chronologically) of what influences me: my context for current works or interests in art, gaming and life...

(1) Family: where I found my first steps. They made me in many ways. I'm so gratefull. Always!

(2) My grandmother: an objective painter. My mother: a sensitive musician, who breaks every obstacle to live (in memoriam) and to search for light.

(3) X-men: One of my firsts and favorite comic book. Inspiring in terms of forms and power. ;)

(4) Blade Runner: Deep philosophy and outstanding technology. Really inspiring!

(5) First great epic game! Into this world I discovered a new and imaginative storytelling.

(6) Akira: Aesthetical inspiration, cultural rupture and increasingly insteresting.

(7) This knowledge made me think. My heart was touched, but I didn't surrender in that days...

(8) Music: Pearl Jam - Release. Year pass by, but tears don't. Innocence was broken years ago, but I wasn't healed… Wounds.

(9) That was my crying and despair. That was what God cried, heard and also felt. I'm so gratefull. Always!

(10) Music: Hillsong - Jesus the sameJesus/God heard me. He is alive and I'm too: New life and eternal purpose forever.


[en] Gamification

March 7, 2014
I'm here.
At the Christian seminary, I'm studying and applying Gamification for educational purposes. It's a preliminary research and I can't say more, just that I'm excited with the theme and searching for a mentor. But I'll post somehow the results, months later. I'm helping the local Baptist Temple at Vale do Amanhecer-DF, writing one special project for that community that I'm hoping everyone will enjoy. I need to be like salt where there's lack of flavour. We need to make of life a fair p...

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[pt-br] Projetos e missões

January 14, 2013
Agora, em Janeiro, irei para Brasília para estudar em um seminário e me preparar para missões durante 3 anos. Se Deus quiser, espero que seja um momento de aprendizagem em todos os sentidos. Deus tem me guiado e preparado minha mente e meu coração para isto. Até minha mãe antes de partir, chegou a me dizer para prosseguir com minha "missão". Não sei o que o futuro me reserva, mas tenho vários projetos. Continuarei como sempre dependendo da ajuda de Deus em tudo, principalmente agora.

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Working with computer science, usability issues (HCI), game design, visual arts, dramatics, creative process and theology.

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